Splash Feminine Wash in Grapefruit Thyme 8.5oz/255ml

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A gentle, natural alternative to soap, Splash comes to you from the always female-friendly Sliquid line
A gentle, natural alternative to soap, Splash comes to you from the always female-friendly Sliquid line. This silky body wash is free from irritating glycerine and parabens, it nourishes delicate skin while removing odor causing bacteria while leaving a fresh, clean feel. A super smooth blend of ultra gentle ingredients like coconut oil and natural sea salts keeps ph levels perfectly in check, and, like all Sliquid products, is hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive skin. 100% vegan.
  • Glycerine & glycerol free
  • DEA free
  • Gluten free
  • Paraben & PEG free
  • Sorbitol free
  • Sulphate free
  • 100% vegan friendly

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SKU: SL-000296 | UPC: 894147000296 | MPN: 029 (71)

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Refreshing and smells great!

The entire line of Splash washes from Sliquid are fabulous, but this is probably my favorite variety! The scent is refreshing, relaxing, and it smells lovely. A slight scent of citrus with a hint of herb. Grapefruit and Thyme are supposed to help to freshen and deodorize as well, which can make this a fabulous wash during that time of the month. It's free of glycerin, parabens, and SLS, which makes it natural and more gentle on your lady parts than other feminine washes. I haven't noticed any irritation over the past few months of using this product, and it can be used all over, I like to use it on my entire body and my booty too. This wash is awesome!


from Mrs. PistonP

A nice concept, a fun scented product, just what every woman needs .. a little added freshness just before intimate oral incounters always helps you enjoy the moment and will clear your worrys, allowing your partner also to enjoy the act of "giving" as much as you enjoy Receiving.. I really enjoyed this product, the smell, texture and silky feel of it on my skin was all the more turn on for me while I washed in preperation for some fun, and the clean sweet smell of grapefruite filled the bathroom..


Refreshing and great wash

I recommanded this product because it is not irritatating my sensitive skin.


Smells delicious

Product smells so good and gets a nice smooth foamy texture in the shower. Not overpowering and does not dry out your skin



I have always had issues with extremely sensitive skin and this wash is absolutely amazing! Gentle on skin and vegan friendly, love that! Smells amazing.



I LOVE this product and buy several at a time. I have sensitive skin and I use this as my daily body wash. It has such a light scent and the soap is not irritating at all. So happy to have discovered this!



I have reordered this product because I LOVE it. Soft cleanser with a great sent. A must have.



Love the smell! Great wash and very refreshing. Would definitely recommend it.


Light Smell, does the job!

Great wash! smells nice and refreshing.


Wanted to try

I was really interested in trying this until I read the ingredients. I'm highly allergic to coconut oil. Glad they put the ingredients right there for us to read or else I could have been in some serious trouble.



I like this product and am definitely planning to buy more when I run out. Its good for a little bit of extra freshness before (or after) getting down to business. Definitely a good product for ladies like myself that are a little self conscious about their lady parts. It also seems to have a good ph balance and doesn't upset the natural chemistry "down there"