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Hot Love Reuseable Warming Gel Massage Packs

CalExotics Based on 79 reviews

Hot Love Reuseable Warming Gel Massage Packs

CalExotics Based on 79 reviews
Spreading instant warmth through two soft gel pads, these classic relaxation staples are perfect for soothing massage, muscle tension relief, even cramps.

Soft gel filled circles READ MORE meld to individual body curves and desired areas. Crack the little metal disc inside to activate warmth- the gel will firm up a bit, just knead it a little to soften. Each gel pack heats to 54C (129F) within seconds.

To re-use, drop the pack into boiling water for 7-10 minutes. Directions included on packaging.

* Packaging subject to change without notice.

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Ratings / Reviews
Amazing! (Christina)

I love these little hot packs so much. So nice that you can reuse them. They come in handy for so many things.

Great!! (Josh)

Bigger than expected, work great. Recommend for sure.

Nice warm up (Anonymous)

Good product work well.

Work well (Leona)

Fully reusable little hot packs. Great for cold nights.

Works great (Anonymous)

Nice and warm easy to re use

A tad inconvenient but they work. (Anonymous)

The metal discs inside that you need to “snap” to activate the heat are very difficult to pop. The heat does not last long and the required boiling to reactivate the packs is a bit inconvenient. And I got these for free. I wouldn’t really recommend them for purchase.

Perfect for winter (Anonymous)

These things are great for winter massages

A must try (Zam)

These pars are amazing and reusable. Wife and I use them all tge time. Boil em for 15 minutes and you are good to go.

Amazing & Awesome (Anonymous)

Amazing & Awesome

awesome (Mari)

this is great for back pain. I love it! Thanks

Great Little Hotspot Warmers (John)

Just the right temp for warming the body parts you need.

Hand warmer (Anonymous)

got these as a free gift. haven't used them yet, but might be good to warm your hands when I go skiing.

Simple and reusable (Anonymous)

If you get them already hardened you might have to stir them a bit while boiling to break up the hardened crystal.
otherwise great product.

Great household item (Anonymous)

It's fine as a sex toy, but it's... just great overall. You'll use this outside of sex for sure. It's even just "cute" enough that it doesn't look like a sex thing.

So wonderful (Anonymous)

The perfect heat for massage, chilly nights or even if you're sore! So many uses!

Fantastic (Anonymous)

Great for sensation play and massage. Pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed these.

HOT STUFF (Anonymous)

Wow, really warming. Super awesome little packs, not only great for massages, also warm enough for keeping your toes from freezing on winter trips to the dog park.

Toys (Anonymous)

We use these to heat up our insertable toys while we get started

Work much better than I thought they would (Anonymous)

This is a perfect addition to our massage nights and they work much better than expected! Get to a perfect temperature and feel amazingly

Nice! (Anonymous)

I'd had this type of product before, but never thought to use them for foreplay before. They worked very well!

wonderful (DMON)

works great at warming up everything. Reusable in many different ways and there cute as a button

Love em (Anonymous)

Just like the click hot packs. Work great. Get really hot.

Lots of uses (SM)

Have had these a month and am still finding uses for them. So far they’ve been great for everything from taking on cold outdoor adventures to relaxing sore muscles. Easy to use and reuse.

awesome (Anonymous)


Gucci (Dan)

Gucci, it gets hot you just have to boil and reuse

Excellent (Boob)

These aren't necessarily an adult novelty; I use them on sore muscles after a workout. They're a little feminine-looking but they work.

Great (Rob)

Warm up fast. Get very warm. Stay warm for a while. Easy to recharge. Much better value than constant use of the disposable chemical heat packets.

Fun heating packs (Olivia)

I love these fun heating packs. They warm up nicely and were great for sensual massages. They stay warm for a long time too.

Perfect for pretty much anything or anyone ♀♂ (P●P●P)

I really like these - I put mine in the freezer to use as cold packs. They work GREAT!!!!

Ok (Anonymous)

They are really good for anything sore

Love them! (Anonymous)

I love these! They heat up to a nice temperature and last for quite a while. As other reviewers have said, they have other uses too (I've used them for sore muscles).

Cool and free (Will)

Got these as the free gift. I love rubbing my baby girl down and figured this would and a layer. They did. Worked great.

Good small gift (Anonymous)

Works well and can spice up or relax the mood. Worth it

Hot pockets (Patrick )

Great for keeping the hands warm and toasty

Have lots (Billy)

I orignally bought these and then have gotten like 6 more with the free gifts. they are great to have. Even more so with canadian winters !

Love them! (Anonymous)

If you use thease for a sensual massage or to help ease hurting muscles they are great. Work well with a good amount of heat. Worth it!

Fun, but nothing outstanding. (M)

They're fun, they're cute, they're great for sore muscles.

Hot hot hot (Anonymous)

These are great little heating pack however one of mine came broken I emailed pink cherry and they were quick to respond and had great customer service! I'm very pleased .

Great for massages! (Alicia)

These are so handy for hot oil massages, don't take up a lot of space and reusable!

Does it's job heating up (Anonymous)

These are Great for hand warmers. Besides that you can us them on your male parts to warm you up and get you ready for the woman in your life. I'm very satisfied with the product. Besides it was free with my order. Thanks

Small but efficient (Billy)

Small but just as good. Different sizes for different uses.

Super gel packs! (Alan)

These things are neat. They arrive as a liquid with a small metal disk floating inside. Bend the disk in half and pinch it hard enough to break it and see and feel it transform into a hot pack like none other. It gets very warm but not too hot, very relaxing and best of all, they are reusable!

Hot stuff (Anonymous)

Mine both arrived already hardened but upon softening, they seem to hold the heat well. I tried rotating them around tender parts of my body and though they are liquid, they only conform to body shape to a degree.

Great Purchase! (Anonymous)

These are so neat, and they get so hot & have so many uses, I'm definitely going to have to get more of these!

Warm it up (Mark)

Great for personal and with a partner, lots of fun for for play use. And can be reheated so easy...

Works (Anonymous)

Gets really hot !!

Awesome!!!! (Robin)

Love these!!! They work great and for the price I will be getting more

Cute little hot packs remind me I am loved (A. Pulido )

these work great and are a pick me up with their
cute messages, can use them in mittens or socks or for pain management or for a pleasurable massage. Good price too!

Awesome (Kara)

Love these!

Nice and warm (Anonymous)

Those little cuties are really cool, they get nice and hot, which is great for a relaxing body rub. The heat last for a nice period of time...This would also be great in a winter survival kit for hiking or in the car. Will surely buy more of them.

Warm it up (Mark)

Perfect to rub down the wife. Fits perfectly in the hand too.

Nice (Anonymous)

Very good for the price

Handy and worth while. (Christopher)

I have bought 6 sets of these now. not because they have issues, but rather because I keep giving mine to other people because they like them. These things are great. I use them as hand warmers in my pockets when I'm out in the cold. I will put them in inside coat pockets when I'm snow blowing the driveway. I've put them in bed with my little girl when she was sick to keep her warm. And oh yeah, they do great for their intended purpose as heat packs for muscles/massage. I like that you can reuse them (cheaper than the disposable hand warmers over time and better for the environment). Just boil until all the crystals dissolve, and you're good to go again (and the boiling has the extra benefit of killing off any germs if you use them as heat packs when you're sick). They get a big thumbs up them this guy!

Can't live without them! (Anonymous)

These are a must have! I got them for playing with, for which they work really well, but got more for everyday. They have a cute design and they are the perfect size for coat pockets! I have a pair in everyone of my coats and everyone in the family got a pair in their stocking (in the bag but not in the box) this year for Christmas!

Love these! (A)

They work really well, and to reuse them is easy! They are also nice as hand warmers when it's cold, dual purpose lol

Fantastic (Anonymous)

Easy to use, great for aches, very comfortable!

Amazing! (Anonymous)

I love this things. They're great for when you're dealing with muscle pain/cramps/cold in general.

Oh so nice (Karen)

I bought these to replace a larger one that had broken. They are very soft and get very warm that lasts quite awhile. These are great for massage, warming up your partner with some play time or using for first aid as for a sore neck. The only thing I would improve is to have them bigger.

Awesome for blindfolded play !! (Anonymous)

Huge fan of these for play with tie down and blind folds.

Toasty (Anonymous)

Very versatile. Easy to boil and get back to liquid again. However, try to re-boil them as soon as possible because if they stay crystallized for too long they won't ever go back, no matter how long you boil for. I accidentally left mine for months, user error.

Headache relief (Ali)

I use these to relive tension headaches. They work well. I can never use the "I have a headache" excuse again, but that's fine.

warming gel packs (vicky)

these little things are awesome, genuis ! helps sooth and relax , LOVE them !!

Can be used many ways (KIMBERLEY)

I had another product that was just like this one and I like it for massages and also for cramps.

Not just for sexy massages (Stephanie)

I Love these not only for late night massages but for that special time a month where I need some heat to sooth cramping muscles! I have bought many of these as gifts for my girlfriends to help them during their time of need too!

Love these (Annik)

I just love these. After a stressed day I put them on my forehead and eyes and it relieves stress. Good for massage.

Great! (Anonymous)

These little heat packs are great for a massage or any other use you might have for heat. They're perfect for having an on demand heat pack that works fast.

Out of this world ! (Angela)

Me and my girlfriend love to give each other back massages and rubs and these things are out of this world amazing especially in the winter when you just want to hear yourselves up these are a must have in you freaky

Great for anyone (Anonymous)

These are great for anyone anywhere I highly recommend good for anywhere you want heat

These are Great (M)

I love these! They are awesome heat packs that are reusable. Great for period pain. It's nice that there are 2. They would be awesome to throw into bed with you or to have in your sleeping bag for camping. They are at a great price. I am so happy with this purchase, such a great price. These would be a good gift. But the packaging does say California exotics. I recommend these!

Warm pads (Anonymous)

Works great. Love to use them for a sore neck

Cute! (R)

Great for cold hands and massage. Easy to boil and reuse. Dont stay as warm as other products but still a nice purchase.

Nice warmth (S)

Just snap the metal circle and the gel INSTANTLY transforms and gets quite hot! Not just for sensual moments but also great in winter to warm up and for muscle soreness. I love that they are reusable, amazing price!

Fantastic (ShockJock)

Simple yet almost perfect. You can't go wrong with this item.

Love them (Anonymous)

Love these they are great for the winter time to put inside your mitts to keep your hands warm too :)

Magic!! (Hylvan)

Bought this out of curiosity and ended up using it as foreplay when my wife was cold.. Great time!

Love!!!! (Christle)

They are exactly what the discripction says, I love them!! And they came in very fast!!

really love... (Anonymous)

these work so great, one was already "used", somehow the metal thingy must have been snapped in transit or something. but they work great and can be reused.

Amazing! Many uses! (Anonymous)

These are the BEST for period cramps and aches, they might feel too hot if you leave it on the skin for too long so try not to keep it on bare skin. Enjoyed this product. Its cool how the metal disk generates heat!

Amazing (Anonymous)

These things are great for extra warmth on cold days or with a nice message. They tend to heat up for about 30-40 minutes and need to be boiled for about ten minutes after use to be ready for next time.

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