LACE's Valentine's Movie Game!

LACE's Valentine's Movie Game!

If you’ve been struggling with what kind of lingerie to buy for your partner, I guarantee this little game I invented will be fun for you! I’ve curated some sweet movies to watch this Valentine’s and maybe a piece or two to go along with them. Your fave love story will (hopefully) be the end of the guessing game for you and yours! Let’s Play!

Old Movie Cheerleader Inspiration Pink Teddy Lingerie Inspiration LACE Curvy Model

But I’m a Cheerleader!

This one’s older but still worth a watch. A cult classic with many depths to the storyline that you don’t see often in rom-com’s. You might also recognize the lead from Orange is the New Black, or maybe not ‘cause I didn’t clue in until yesterday and I’ve seen this so many times. Cheerleader Megan gets sent to a camp by her parents to “fix” her lust for the ladies. Instead, she falls in love with another camper, Graham which tends to happen at camp, so the parents first mistake was sending her there. I can’t really say how they’re love blooms because it’ll ruin the love story so I’ll leave you with this: RuPaul plays an “ex-gay” in it. ‘Nuff said.

Both characters have a lot in common with one another, but that doesn’t mean their lingerie would be the same. Oh no! We have options! Megan would probably go for a muted pink tone with full coverage like our Life Rose On Teddy, whereas Graham seems a little more outgoing to say the least so I picked a hot neon pink for her. The Tickled Pink Sequin Lace Teddy with Cuffs is right up her alley!

The Notebook Blog Inspiration Lingerie dress, mini, mini dress, blue, heritage blue, backless, g-string, lace, floral lace

The Notebook

Obviously this is one of the best love story movies OF ALL TIME. I’m completely biased ‘cause Ryan Gosling has been my Hollywood Husband since Breaker High. (That show was the best. School on a boat? Yes please!) Sadly, the secrets and lies from others kept these true loves apart through a war and then some, but made for one intense and memorable kiss that will never be recreated. Except when they recreated it at the MTV Movie Awards.

If your leading lady is anything like Allie, she’ll love this Killer Sky Blue Mini Dress. Love has no limits, so be prepared to get carried away in this heritage blue piece! I feel like lace would be Allie’s number one pick and even though the cutouts might be a little racy for her at first, she’d end up loving it ‘cause Noah makes her feel all kinds of comfortable and safe.

carol movie inspiration blog lingerie Lingerie Dresses Bra Panty Set LACE Fashion Style


Love interest Therese, played by Rooney Mara is quite a talented photographer whose happenstance meeting with the glamorous, married Carol, played by Cate Blanchette (*swoon*) sets off a whirlwind of events leading to either a happy ending or a happy ending. (It’s a happy ending). Now that I’ve ruined the movie for you, here’s my picks.

Cate Blanchette is one of my husband’s Hollywood Wives and I can’t blame him! Just like her character, Carol is babely, and exudes sophistication and style but isn’t quite living the life she’s dreamed of. This Shoulder Eclipse Tea Length Dress suits her demure but secretly calculated personality whereas Therese is quite demure, but known to be impulsive so I think this On Cloud Wine Bralette, Garter & Panty would be a perfect way to bring out more of her playful side.

50 First Dates Lingerie Blog Inspiration bathing suit, swimsuit, swimming, beach, holiday, swim wear, swim, water, cruise, sun, vacation, resort, leaves, bikini, two piece, high waist, bandeau, removable straps, straps, high cut, pineapple, ananas, pink, blue, green, gold, yellow, bright, fun

50 First Dates

Nothing like a good comedic love story like boy meets girl, boy and girl are cool, boy tries to get girl but girl has amnesia that resets every time she sleeps. As a excessive napper, this actually scares the crap out of me even though it’s completely irrational. Lucy perpetually relives a Sunday when, along with her father, they go to pick a pineapple for his birthday and they get in a car crash to avoid a cow. Short term memory - Gone.

Harry and Lucy are both fun loving, adventurous and live in Hawaii where the sun shines all the time and life is grand. Ahh.. movie magic. So, if you and yours are always laughing and love to get away with each other, than this Kokomo Bikini is the perfect choice! A fruit punch of pink, green and blue make this bandeau bikini top and high waist bikini bottom a perfect fit for all water related activities. BTW Sun is good for the memory!

Walk The Line Lingerie Blog Inspiration bra, panty, lace, floral lace, skirt, cage straps, caramel, black, nude, mesh, sheer

Walk the Line

For sure one of the greatest real life true love stories of all time, this movie will have you rooting for the bad guy. Ring of Fire is a testament of how Johnny Cash and June Carter’s love flourished and it was anything but easy. Just listen to the lyrics! Not your typical love song that’s for sure and that’s why we love us some June. She was clearly one badass woman who was completely sure of herself and had a backbone that most women of her time didn’t dare of having themselves.

All strong-willed and independent women have their own style to boot which can make it hard to pick something perfect for them. This Caramel Shortbread Bra & Panty has a mix of vintage elements with show-stopping cutouts that I think meshes with the late 60’s style that June and Johnny fell in love in.

Shrek Blog Lingerie Fairytale Inspiration bustier, corset, underwire, cage strap, strap, sheer, lace, sheer lace, velvet, floral, green, emerald, black, garter, garters, thong, panty, christmas lingerie, holiday lingerie, gifts for women, gifts for wife, gifts for girlfriend, gift, present


Sure sure, not a traditional Valentine’s movie, but hey! Classic love stories have been shaped into worse films I’m sure! Imaginations run wild and sparks (eventually) fly between a Princess and an Ogre, but really only after he learns that she’s an ogre too. Sounds to me like two completely compatible people that would have gotten together anyway if they weren’t all caught up in saving a swamp and such and just went out for coffee.

I picked this Emerald Twilight Bustier & Thong for a few reasons, one being that it’s green. Trekking through a forest for a few months to make it home can be dangerous! Camouflage would come in handy too... The soft black lace is sheer, so it’s breathable which is a plus when travelling. Really though, it’s the velvet overlay. Fiona is royalty after all and there’s nothing quite as luxurious as velvet now is there?

Titanic Blog Inspiration Lingerie Rose romper, teddy, sleepwear, Excalibur, lace, silver peony, floral lace, backless, cutouts, criss-cross, pink, soft, valentine's day, valentine's lingerie, christmas lingerie, holiday lingerie, gifts for women, gifts for wife, gifts for girlfriend, gift, present, new years, new years eve, party


How many times did you see this in the theatre? I knew someone who saw it 14 times. So if you’re one for tragedy mixed with love, than this is the V-Day movie for you! A lady named Rose is (forced to) get engaged to a very, very, very wealthy man and her mom’s stoked ‘cause this means a relaxing retirement for herself. Needless to say, mom’s NOT happy when Rose starts acting a fool and gallivanting around the ship with a low class hooligan named Jack having the time of her life and feeling like a normal 17 year old. Go figure.

Clearly one with taste regardless because she’s in first class on the freakin’ Titanic, Rose is young, fresh and starting to find her own way in this crazy world which is also super brave. Her character is ladylike, sweet, kind and surprisingly daring, just like this Lady of the Lake Excalibur Romper!

And there you have it! My top Valentine’s movies that I picked purely out of selfishness. Now all you have to do is figure which of these leading ladies your partner is most like, and BAM! You have yourself a much easier shopping experience. Glad I could help. Happy Love Day LACE-ers!