LACE Halloween Costume Inspo!

LACE Halloween Costume Inspo!

Halloween is fast approaching which means time is running out to find / make a sweet costume that not only trumps your costume from the year before but also doesn't break the bank. Finding a suitable costume shouldn’t be the scariest thing you encounter this Halloween, so we are going to help you find costume #inspo by rounding up our favourite costumes for your upcoming spooky festivities.


Mermaids have been super hot this year especially this summer and if you were on the music festival circuit like we were you no doubt have some mermaid paraphernalia lying around. With talks of a live action remake of everyone's favourite Disney underwater leading lady the Little Mermaid, this would be an ideal time to to bring your mermaid dreams to life.



mermaid princess costume lace inspo halloween lingerie



I know, I know, this costume isn't exactly an original idea but hear us out. There is a reason why this costume is a favourite every year. It’s super easy to make, it’s sexy as hell and it’s an all black ensemble. I dont have one bad thing to say about the catwoman costume, throw on a pair of knee high black boots and a set of elbow gloves and you are going to not only look but feel like a bada$$ just like our favourite villain (sometimes ally) to Batman.


catwoman lingerie lace costume halloween feline cat inspo



So much yes. The unicorn costume is fun, it’s colourful, it’s whimsical and it’s super underrated. This mythical creature is something straight out of a storybook and it’s pure magic. You eliminate heat styling and annoying spray on hair dye all together by wearing a fun wig. You can take a break from the all black aesthetic you no doubt are planning on having for the rest of the year. If you are  someone who usually gravitates to fun bright colours then this is a PERFECT costume for you.


    unicorn inspo costume lingerie lace halloween


    Just like the cat, the bunny is a costume you will without a shadow of a doubt find every year. It can be a costume that you can wear individually or as a group. Just because this costume is pretty typical does NOT mean you cannot add your own unique touch on it. Decorate your mask, be a dead bunny or a bad bunny, you can even be the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. You don’t always have to do the whole sexy Playboy adjacent bunny if you don’t want to, but you also can, that’s the beauty of it.

      bunny rabbit silly maid costume halloween inspo lace lingerie


      Sam Montgomery from A Cinderella Story

      Ok… a little random, I know but this costume is admittedly very easy to throw together and is not only an awesome throwback but a great tribute to this awesome early 2000’s movie that surly had you crushing on one of the many teen heartthrobs of this era Chad Michael Murray. If you have a s/o they can be the Prince Charming to your Cinderella or you can rock this one solo so that makes this costume a win/win! If you have a bridal gown you can definitely throw that on but if you don’t want to party in an obnoxious amount of taffeta all you really need is a white skirt, white bodysuit and a mask. Like all costumes you can even put a sexy spin on it if that's your thang.


        cinderella princess costume inspo halloween inspo inspiration lingerie lace