CBD? Ya You'll Know Me!

CBD? Ya You'll Know Me!

We’ve all heard the big hoopla about CBD oil and it’s miracle components, but what exactly is CBD? What does it really do? For those of us not quite in the know about this new age hippie stuff, I’m here to settle the rumours.


First of all, let’s dispel the myth that CBD oil can get you high. It can’t. At all. It has no ingredients whatsoever that influences your cognitive function so, take that rumour mill! I could prove it by going all Bill Nye on you right now with a bunch of stuff about molecules and structures of atoms and whatnot, but I don’t speak science very well. I do know that there’s at least 104 chemical compounds in a cannabis plant, but we only really talk about two of them. Which leads me to: the big difference between CBD and THC. Basically, THC binds to receptors in the brain and that gets your brain high, whereas CBD binds extremely weakly (if at all) to your brain’s receptors.


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So, what exactly is in CBD and how is it made?


CBD serum hemp oil muscle and joint serum relaxing serum roller ball

Easy question.


Take the leaves and stems of a hemp plant, grind them, bake them, and then pick a carrier oil. The most popular oils used are coconut, palm, olive, avocado or grape seed. Then you boil it, sit, boil, sit, strain, squeeze and BAM! CBD has been made! There’s a few strains of the hemp plant that can be used, all of which have their own strengths in terms of healing properties so it really depends on your purpose which one you would choose. We’ve left that to the professionals at Earthly Body who have been producing products made from Hemp FOR YEARS. Waaay ahead of their time!

cbd serum hemp oil muscle and joint serum relaxing serum

Ok ok ok. Now that I’ve bored you with the nitty gritty of the making of CBD, why would you need it?


Well, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular pain and stress relievers on the market these days. CBD can be ingested, used topically or injected to treat a crap ton of ailments. We carry a wide variety of those products made by Earthly Body, all of which are used topically. Mostly because we can’t inject you from the internet. That’d be weird.


First off we have the Soothing Serum Rollerball, an oil based roll-on that relieves joint and muscle pain. But does it work? Well, I was working in the warehouse the last couple of days ’cause it’s the busy season and I got home at the end of the day positively aching. My lower back especially. So, I rolled this baby all along my lower back and sat down, forgetting that I was making dinner. When the timer went off, I got up and didn’t even realize that I should have been hurting until I got to the kitchen. Pain? Gone. Other reviewers say the same about their tension headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel, knee pain, and the list goes on! Perhaps the one downside of the rollerball that I’ve heard from consumers is that because it’s an oil, it’s easy to wipe it off accidentally after application, even if it does absorb quickly.


So, funny story! My husband bruised his funny bone while doing something dumb a few weeks ago, (nothing new) so I busted out the CBD Daily Soothing Serum.


Immediately after I (gently) rubbed it on his elbow, he had instant relief and could actually extend his arm all the way for the first time in a few weeks! Witchcraft? Maybe! Then I made him do the laundry.

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cbd serum hemp oil muscle and joint serum relaxing serum



For high traffic areas like the hands and feet, the CBD Daily Intensive Cream is a perfect solution. Boasting the same effects as above, the cream is also super nourishing for dry, itchy skin. Some reviewers have used it as hand cream but it also double duties as a pain reliever for arthritis, fibromyalgia and more! Another great thing is the packaging. It’s easy for those with arthritis to open for themselves which is a huge bonus from what I’m told! And now that winter is here, (yuck) skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are known to flare up (jerks), and this Intensive Cream is perfect for keeping it at bay!


We’re all busy, and if you’re slightly forgetful like me, you’ll need relief on the go without having to upsize your purse everytime you go out. The CBD Daily Soothing Salve is perfect! You don’t need much of it to make a huge difference, so drop this baby in your car or pocket and you’ve got pain relief no matter where life takes you! This condensed semi-solid works just the same as the cream and oil, it’s just a little more compact. I highly suggest taking this camping. Ever forgotten a sleeping mat when camping on the Canadian Shield? I have, and this salve has saved me more times than I can count!


What about that deep-down back pain literally most of us get? Well, if you have an awesome partner in crime that also happens to be mediocre at back massages, the CBD Daily Massage Lotion is a definite asset. The immediate relief of the lotion on tightness and achiness is enhanced by simple massage techniques and works just as well with electric massagers as with your favourite persons hands.


cbd serum hemp oil muscle and joint serum relaxing serum candle

I bet you’re thinking, “Phew! That’s tooooooo many options!” But wait! There’s more! Once you’ve decided that CBD is exactly what it’s cracked up to be and you’re on board, we have a couple more CBD Daily items that are worth trying!



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The CBD Daily Skin Candle works the same as our other massage candles. The scent is pretty awesome. There’s the unique relief of menthol in the air, but not overly smelly if you know what I mean. Once the wax has melted, the included spoon helps you drizzle the oil over your affected areas, then, you rub in gently. Definitely a different way of getting pain relief than what you’re used to I’m sure, but also not one to ignore! Massage candles are great for getting some warmth into the sore achy areas and kick-starting relief.


Shampoo? No. Conditioner is better! No, this isn’t a Billy Madison kind of fight, but an awkward segway instead. CBD Daily also has a Shampoo and Conditioner duo that works better than Moroccan Oil on your dry, damaged and treated hair. Like mine. I just bought these two a couple days ago and can’t wait to try it. I need to run out of my “I spent too much but boy does my head feel good” hair stuff first but I keep opening the cap of the shampoo and smelling it. Pretty sure if you have a cold or flu, having a shower with these, coupled with the steam would also open up your sinuses. The menthol though! So good!


Now that you’ve A) learned a lot about CBD and the many ways to use it, and B) learned too much about me, I’ll leave you with this little reminder: All of our CBD Daily products are THC free, so your kids are safe. They’re also made from natural Hemp CBD oil, 100% Vegan, (Wha?!?!?) Non-Psychoactive, THC Free AND Leaping Bunny Certified because animals are better than humans. Mostly.


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